An exhibition of recent works by Frol Boundin
March 8th - April 12th

Opening Reception: March 8th, 5-8 PM
Closing Reception: April 12th, 5-8 PM



SCA Contemporary Art
524 Haines Ave. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

Artist lecture: April 5th, 4 PM.
University of New Mexico, College of Fine Arts, Room 1019




Memory in Ruins: Frol Boundin's "Last Monuments" By Margaret Wright - New Mexico Compass


History is over. 

We live in a temporary society. In recent times all things have become disposable: philosophy and culture, politics and ideologies, memory and history, life and death. Humanity no longer aspires to create enduring symbols of its own experience. We rely on television and Internet for the creation, preservation, and disposal of our identities. All dreams have become fleeting; all memories are reduced to a sound bite. And so the monuments of the 20th century lie, quite literally, in the dust. As humanity struggles with the evaluation of recent history, it rejects those symbolic structures. In amnesia of political correctness, society is ignoring the reminders of events that brought it to the brink of abyss. 

"Last Monuments" is an exploration of what remains. All around the world relics of once potent ideas and aspirations decay into rubble. From the grand visions of communist dictators to the daydreams of California fishermen, only empty shells remind us of the pasts that still ring with the possibilities of different futures. The snapshot images of these objects are the foundations for new monuments. Found through extensive searches of anonymous databases, lifted from obscurity out of the darkest corners of the Internet, transformed by careful layering of colors and forms, and presented as nostalgic glimpses into ourselves, they are intended as reminders, that we are quickly losing our sense of wonder and imagination. That no longer are we accustomed to the contemplation of the past or to preservation of its symbols as atonement for our mistakes. That without the continuity of visual history there is no memory.




Chicago Art Department is pleased to present "Collective Dreams: Prints and Memories," a showcase of contemporary print media. Collective Dreams presents a selection of recent print media works from both Internationally established and up and coming artists. Here the fine art of print is presented, as a vehicle for collection and preservation of memories, personal, cultural and historical. From urban alienation to the loss of cultural iconography, this collection of works explores the role of memory in contemporary printmaking discourse.

August 3rd and 4th, 2012
Opening reception: August 3rd 5 – 9 PM
Print Sale and Exchange: August 4th 12 – 6 PM

Chicago Art Department
1932 South Halsted #100
Chicago, IL 60608

Works by:
Frol Boundin
Michael Coleman
Karsten Creightney
Jessica Chao
Aaron Ishaeik
Shaurya Kumar
Galina Shevchenko


West Virginia "Blizzard"
3 color lithograph with 2 color intaglio and relief, 22x30

West Virginia "@heart"
digital and mixed media collage, 30x48


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Takach Award

"Aral Sea, Monument" (intaglio)

Atlanta Printmakers Biennial
Barbara Archer Gallery

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